Hi !

i have a question
i use the script of the parallax exemple (graphic demo 2.43) for a game (2.45)
no problem when i press P

but if i make a runtime, i need to put the command line

-g vertexarrays = 0

BUT , when i make a runtime of the demo graphic, i don’t need to put the command line to have the good result … how it’s possible, i have forgottent sometthing ??

thx :rolleyes:

do you enable vertexarray in blender settings?

enable or not, it is the same result in runtime and in the parallax exemple the option is not activate

excuse me for asking, but what is a vertex array?

it’s not related to your question, but you can use latest game engine branch build that support vertex array and display list together and has some speedup on its performance,

i have it, and i have the same problem :frowning: