Vertexs on lines

Okay, I am working on a project of mine which involves many strangely angled lines, and I want to know if there is a way of either

  1. Placing a point in a specific place one a line, like subdividing, but not exactly between the selected points; where I want it along that line.
  2. Moving a point exactly onto a line.
  3. Moving a point along a line, though not necessarily along a global axis. (I am fairly confident this can be done, as I have used it when extruding a plane which is at an angle.)

Can anybody tell me a way of doing this? It would greatly help me and my rather perfectionist wierdoism. :smiley: Thanks!

-> 1. yes, use the knife subdivide (shift+k) and cut through the edge, where you want the point to be. use exact line. somtimes you may want to use loop subdivide, because the resulting mesh is usually more regular.
-> 2. i dont’t know
-> 3. i dont’t know, but you could use local axis (g and than x, y or z twice)

if you want to move a vertex along a plane or an edge

use the Ctrl-Shift -C then select edge or plane and this will put the wideget on the edge ot plane
then you can move wahtever you want along the edge or plane


Thanks! that helps me a lot!