Vertical videos

I mean all those videos of vertical orientation that look awful with their blurred, distracting sides on a TV screen. To me it’s natural to make horizontal videos as i.a. the frame is bigger then. And screens, by default, are horizontal. Why do people make vertical videos with their smartphones? I say it’s a bad practice whatever the reason. And what do you say?

Cause they are dumb, lazy and don’t care.

Another reason why vertical video can be jarring is because our eyes are horizontal. The standard HD resolution is the most comfortable to look at from a scientific standpoint. A lot of people though will usually try to take the path of least resistance as far as video goes, even to the point of not turning their phone 90 degrees or making any change to the settings.

Just wait though, future video will probably make use of those fancy AI filters companies have been trotting out in recent years, and the people who shoot the videos will pile them on. Now I am personally not going to waste my energy being outraged over this, as I am not forced to watch them at gunpoint.

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Oh, I think that the “aspect ratio” can be anything you like. (Blender certainly doesn’t care …) If you’re trying to shoot something as though it were recorded on a smart-phone, then it’s quite reasonable to choose a portrait orientation. (Or even to point an actual smart-phone at your screen, say on a tripod, to record it.) Whatever floats your boat.

Simply put, because it’s more comfortable to use a smartphone vertically than horizontally and yes, laziness too. But I don’t care, since I’m one of those purists who use a dedicated video camera as they are better at shooting videos than smartphones.