Verticals cant be deleted

Okey so i ahve a big problem! im really new to blender, just started a day ago but now i have ran into a problem that i cant solve by finding any posts on a forum or finding a "“how to” onYouTube so i will try turning here and making my own post!

My problem might be Simple to you (hope so) but im scratching my head in wonder…

I was making this Mesh and my Vert “dots” or what its called is stuck in the air and they can´t be deleted in any way, i have tried to delet doubles etc, tryed to delet them like 70+ times but its always the same amount of verts in the air (1600) so i thought hey… it might be my model is bugged and its connected to my other faces verts etc…
so i decided to make a copy of it and try deleting some of its parts to see if some of the verts would be removed (my logic) but no… the verts are still in the air and i cant remove them, i can connect them, make faces with them etc but i cant delet them, Please help

select all -> mesh -> clean up -> delete loose?

what menu button? :slight_smile:


Didnt Work :confused:

I just reedid the work from scratch so its gone x) but would be nice to know how to get rid of it if it happends again… :o

If you have this file, please upload it. We’ll check it out.

No sorry… i should have kept it, i deleted it and redid it… seemd to be the fastest option… sorry :o