how can you move a vertice along an edge and not outside of it in x,y z

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This might not be the easiest way to do it but my work around is

  1. remove the ‘only faces’ on either side of the edge that has the vert you want move along.

  2. Now select that edge press w and choose subdivide multi ,choose to number of cuts 2 times.

  3. Select the two new verts you can scale with pivot set on median point adn the two vert will slide along the edge.

  4. once one of the verts is in the position you want it, delete the two verts that will no longer be needed and rebuild the faces.

If I understand you correctly.

  1. Snap the cursor to one the the end verts of the edge.
  2. pivot mode cursor
  3. select the middle vert you want to move and scale.


Isn’t there a way to “slide” a loop in 2.40 and couldn’t this be used to slide a vertex? I can’t find any reference for it at the moment but I assumed this is what loop sliding would do.

You would have to have two vertices selected, and have them be a single edge loop (i.e. not the edges connected to a hypotenuse of a triangle). Then you could press ctrl-e, edge slide, and then move the vertices. However it moves two vertices along two edges, not one edge like the problem states.

yeah… a vertex slide would be great.

GreyBeard solution is very good.

Another one in Blender 2.40 is:

divide the edge twice (2 vertices in the middle and 2 at the ends), select the 2 middle vertices and use the manipulator (set the Orientation to Normal).

Now Z is suposed to be oriented with edge. If you press Grab and 2x Z, you are constrained to the Edge. At the end just merge the vertices (ALT+M).

let say that you have a circle with 6 edges and select one edge
and you split it 1 or 2 it will add 1 or 2 vertex ( W Key)

Now if i want to slide along the edge one of the middle vertex
even if i try to pivot to normal or local or global it does not show the widget in line with the edge ?

I’v seen that if you pick one object then another you can copy the rotation angles between object but not to a vertex ?


This scale method seems to be beginning of an answer - a ltitle bit longer to do but at least it follows the edge

but there must be a way to transfert the angles of the edge to a vertex ?

The widget won’t be inline – but you can “scale” s-key a vertex towards/away from the 3d cursor which you have snapped to the end of the segment.


edit: There is currently no way to set a user defined coordinate axis – hopefully in the future.

if you select the corner vertex it will change the angle of the original hexagone and you loose the shape of the hexagone


It works, here is a short video 440kb showing how it is done:

save it to your computer – don’t stream it


Could not reproduce the last step

  • Dashed line to cursor with the moving vertex

My vertex can move in any direction !

Can you explain that last operation in details ?


Nice video by the way i wish i could do that ?

how can you have an hexagone with at bottom left Cube ?

RJ2005 - Dont understand what your asking in the previous post

but on this post

My vertex can move in any direction !

Can you explain that last operation in details ?

sounds like you are pressing g (grab) rather then pressing s (scale)

GreyBeard - nice method thanks.

all I did was press “s” to scale – since you have the 3d cusor as the pivot point the selected vetex moves towards or away from the 3d cursor as you move the mouse closer or further from the 3d cursor.


i played the little video on Media player and i think the voice did not work
i’m not certain why !

if you did put some voice on it ?

by using the scale it finaly works fine

amazing trick :smiley:

Hope this is put into the book and Wiki Book



Thanks for the vid, it works great. This should be added to the Tuts. in a sticky.