Vertice offset issue with shrink wrap modifier Projection.

Anybody has experience with the shrink wrap modifier? When using the projection and then increasing the offset value partially pushes vertices away instead of all the same way.

Hmm… imo shrinkwrap projection or projection as such is not able to run around that complex shape. Manually with snap to faces?


I was just giving the shrinkwrap a test run because sofar I simply used manual snap to face which is fine.
I was just curious to see what the shrinkwrap could do. I assumed because it was made for projecting fabric onto a character body that the projection tool would be able to use many different projection directions quite well. ops

The other modes seem to be uhm kinda producing interesting results like fractal mixers:

Yep. I was just thinking of projection as done, well, like projection, when you’re able to project only where you see the ‘screen’ to project on to. What’s now in picture looks like overlapping faces for me. Just curiosity wise - does stitched mesh is a copy of underlying one?
Did you use kind of displacement for the grey object?