Vertice Paint gone

Hello, my project has a few characters that I’ve modelled in seperate files and then later appended all into one file. Here I’ve added the bones and vertice keys. For one character I’ve noticed its vertice paint has disapeared, or isn’t showing. VColPaint button in materials is pressed, and I get a white figure.

I suppose the question is where do you find the datablock for the vertice paint information (assuming its somehow become ‘unattached’ from the mesh)

Or just as well is there a method to append the Vertice paint info from the outside file?

You should be able to get it back by appending the Mesh. If you have already appended the Object you may want to change the name of the mesh before appending again since the ME: should have come with the OB: the first time.


Okay thanks for the reply. I appended the mesh, under a different name. Then with the object selected in the editing buttons changed the ME: to the newly appended mesh and then the object disappears from sight.

Oh… before I sent this reply I tried going into Vertex Paint mode and its there, correct colours, but in object mode its gone.

Oh… I thought I’d try moving the bones to see if it would show in VPaint mode, and as soon as I turned off Rest Pos it all looks good in every mode! Seems fine, renders… yep all good. I’ll save it under a new name to be cautious but thanks seems to have done the trick!

Oh… lol, now there’s the issue of the Vertex Keys which are on the former mesh. Is there a method to copy/paste those in too?