Vertice sag

When i add a bone to a mesh and try to move in pose mode some of my vertice groups are left behind almost like they are saging because hey werent connected to mesh

any suggestions

are all the vertexes assigned to groups with exactly the same names ans the corresponding bones? keep in mind that envelopes don’t work in the GE
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sorry if this sounds noobish but i dont know how to add name groups to my bones never realy got to it

Two possibilities:

  1. The vertices are not in the group associated with the bone you are moving
  2. The vertices have a second association to a bone which is not moving

Hmmm please explain on how to assign

oh duh
scale the bone, the envelope of the bone, something like that…do it and u’ll see what i mean

the offending vertices aren’t in the envelope of the bone, thats why.



keep in mind that envelopes don’t work in the GE
im confused now :smiley:

you gotta use vertex groups, not envelopes.
There’s a rigging tutorial sorta deal in the manual, and I bet there’s a “noob to pro” tut on it. search around a bit.

All about rigging:

Yep your best bet is that link above to the tut. Its really easy to do… just let blender do it for you…

If you have more than one bone, you can find out which bone the vert belongs to… and paint it in too.

I always grab every bone and drag it all around to make sure the verts are following correctly…lol.

My Problem is ive done the ginger bread tut many many times but i have same problem

What part on that link(the second half of the tut) do you get lost at? I am happy to help…

There have been a couple people that had problems, but I think it was in the modeling itself and I fixed that in the wiki.

So if you can explain to me where the problem is, perhaps I can fix it in the wiki there too?

You are welcom to pm me if you like…too:)

oh ok i triead again it works