Vertices are influenced by pose even though they're not in any vertex group

Hi All,

I’m using Blender 2.62, and I’ve found some strange behaviour with animations. I’m also a noob at this, so it might be that I’m just doing something stupid.

In any case, I’ve imported a model that is only two human arms perfectly mirrored. I then created an armature with x-axis mirror on. I then parented the armature to the mesh with empty groups. Directly after doing this I go into pose mode, and for some reason some of the vertices move around when rotating the bones. I would expect that because no vertices are assigned to any vertex groups, the mesh should not be influenced by the bone rotation at all (or this is how it worked in previous versions). Is there something I’m missing?

I can recreate this behaviour consistently but I cannot figure out how to fix it. I’ve also double checked all the vertex groups to see if any verts are accidentally included, but in edit mode, not a single vert is in a vertex group. I’m really stumped by this and would appreciate some help very much.


If you parent the mesh to the armature, blender adds an armature modifier to the mesh. Select the mesh and look in the modifiers panel for it. By default it is set up to deform based on bone envelopes. Bone envelopes are an area surrounding the bone, you can view them by switching them on in the armature display options panel. Anyhow, un-check envelopes in the armature modifier and it should stop deforming the mesh…


Thanks very much! I sorted it out by just pushing on to weight painting.

Just updating: Thanks very much revolt_randy, I’ve come across this again and your solution did the trick.