Vertices are not selected in edit mode?

It’s very strange that the select property of the selected vertex is unchangable in edit mode. Don’t you guys think it’s ridiculous to exit edit mode to to check if a vertex is select?

Is there a reason for this?

The main reason is the mesh API sucks.

The secondary reason is the mesh API sucks because there hasn’t been much work on it due to the promise of a better way to do things when bmesh is merged into trunk where you will be able to do stuff like modify an editmesh realtime – or something like that…

The problem IIRC is you aren’t really editing the mesh you see in edit mode but the mesh that gets converted to the mesh that is displayed in edit mode, there is a difference.

Thank you. And yes, I also realized that maybe the mesh is not real-timely edited, maybe I was just editing a copy, then after exiting edit mode it is converted back to the original object.