Vertices around edges moving upon subsurfing

Hi, I’ve been using Blender for a good year but I’ve always been unable to use subsurf or smooth because whenever I do my vertices along edges of split smoothing groups get pulled in. But now I really need to use subsurf and I’m facing this problem once again. Is there a trick to avoid that? I notice that simple subdivision doesn’t do that, compared to Catmul Clark; but it doesn’t look good. There should be a way to “pin” vertices, no? Or to specify that the subsurfing should not move existing geometry?

You can try decreasing the edge creases to zero (shift-e), so that Subsurf doesn’t smooth them. I usually apply subsurf, and then split verticles.
Good luck with the Bengal, btw

If your wanting to make smoothgroups you need to grab/compile a cvs version of blender that has the excellent EdgeSplit modifier. :slight_smile:

Lol, I’d given this thread for dead; lucky I checked on it again.

Hey! I wondered if you were the same Kangaroo that hops around the Vegastrike forums… :smiley:
Well, you’ve surpassed your Blender master by a long shot; I’ve never used creases, and wouldn’t know how, but I’ll try shift-E and see what happens.

Thanks for the heads up. Where can I get a Blender version with Edge Split? Hopefully I won’t have to compile one. About a month ago I downloaded cvs but couldn’t understand the compiling instructions, and I needed QuickTime SDK, but Apple wanted me to give up my privacy rights as ransom for letting me download the SDK, so I ended up grabbing the Halloween Release. BTW, I tried edge Mark Sharp, and the edges look red in edit mode, but as soon as I hit [Tab] to go to Object or UV Face Select mode, Blender crashes on me. Finally, I marked sharp edges and saved before pressing [Tab], but I was never able to open that file again…

That’s the same kangaroo, Chuck. You have taught me well.

That’s strange I’ve not had any stability issues with it (I have to make my own builds as there aren’t any up to date 64bit linux builds about), maybe you should try out some more builds. Sorry I cant be of more help, you can have a copy of my build if you on the same platform. :wink:

This sounds like a sculpt-mode merge problem that I fixed a couple of weeks ago. If you get a current CVS build (e.g. from, it should work OK.


Thanks all. I got the “massive” build from the last link. Haven’t tested it much yet, but I’ll do so, probably tonight.
What I’m really, really waiting for is a release with the multi-UV feature. That’s going to make life a lot easier for Vegastrike and Deeplayer3D devs and artists…