Vertices count

Is there something in blender that allows you to get a count of how many vertices your mesh currently has? this would be extremely useful in my case where i have to watch how much the model has. (as to avoid loading down the computer that will be using it as a model)

I don’t know where that info is at. I know when you render using the intel optimized version it has that info at the top of the render screen but that is for the whole scene…

What’s wrong with the computer you will be using?

Hello Danno

some docs maybe?!

In the top bar, at the right of the Blender logo you’ve many infos
You have the total vertices and faces on the current scene ( with objects and memory too)
If you select an object and enter Edit mode you’ll have the object vertices anf faces ( quads).
To get object triangle faces number look the decimator tool in the Mesh panel ( outside Edit mode)

Border rendering in Blender: Press Shift-B in the 3d-window in Camera-view. Then you can select te part you want to render (it will show as a red dotted border)