Vertices disppear after multiple Loop Cut

Starting today I began experiencing a strange quirk in Blender (build 2.71). When I try to subdivide an object with CTRL + R and use the scroll wheel of my mouse to make multiple cuts, I lose the ability to see / edit individual vertices. This doesn’t happen if I press CTRL + R and make only one cut.

Here is a screenshot:

I can’t even select a vertice point, all I can do is select a line:

I’m on a Mac and have tried to re-installing Blender along with deleting the Blender folder in User > Library > Application Support, but no luck. What can I do to resolve this problem? I mean, are there any other folders/files that may need to be deleted to make sure that I get a completely fresh re-install?

Hi Cory, the Problem is you are in Edge-Selection Mode. You can click at the left of the 3 Buttons in the bottom of the viewport(the one with the dot) or hit CTRL + Tab.