Vertices don't follow armature

(Lotte Schuppler) #1

Some vertices of my mesh don’t follow the armature when I move it. The issue can also be seen in weight paint mode. This is for a university project so I would be extremely glad for help!
Thanks a lot (I’m new and will try to upload a picture of the issue asap)

(alf0) #2

did you added the armeture modifier ?
the img doesnt show anything that we can use to help !

(Lotte Schuppler) #3

Okay, how can I embed an image here? As soon as I apply the armature modifier nothing happens to the mesh at all


This is what you need:

  1. Armature modifier on the object, with the specified armature
  2. a vertex group named after the bone, and have the vertices you want to be influenced weighed to that vertex group.

To get it done quickly you can parent the mesh to the armature and select “armature deform with automatic weights”