Vertices, Edges and Edge Sliding

When I am cutting in a new edge loop I am sometimes not able to slide the edge loop I just created right next to an existing edge loop, yet other times I can. I am finding that the edge-slide command also behaves the same way so I’m assuming that they are related.
Furthermore, sometimes I am able to move two vertices are on the same edge closer to one another and the edge will shrink accordingly, but only up to a point. After that, the edge will then begin bending rather than continuing to shrink. I assume this behavior is also related to the above.

What is it that causes edge sliding and vertex sliding to be limited in some situations but not others?


This describes the edge and face tools including edge slide.



Thanks for the reply.

I have that page bookmarked (it is a very handy one!) But it doesn’t seem to address the particular situations that are mystifying me.

I do understand that there are limitations when using the edge-slide command on objects that use modifiers, but I’m seeing inconsistent behavior on the exact same objects (whether I’m using a SubSurf Modifier or not).