Vertices gone apeshit! :-O

I made a lowpoly object, but when I unwrapped it, some wacky vertices were revealed. The single selected vertice to the left seem to consist of two disconnected vertices on the UV map on the right.

Does anyone know what is going on here, and more importantly, how to fix it?

Maybe just “remove doubles”

Good suggestion - but didn’t help!

You can also select 2 vertices and merge them together (Alt-M)

UV behavior is a bit different though. The same vertex can be shared on different face islands. You’re probably looking into cutting the map to help separate islands. Enabling/disabling UV & Edit mode synchronization affects this, so in one case you’ll have the same vertex on both islands selected and in the other case it’s just the map position on one island.

Also for workflow, it’s likely easier to mark seams for unwrapping on the mesh than trying to separate stuff on the UV layout.