Vertices misaligned on model, from top to bottom Y axis. Steps to correct this.

Hi everybody…

Im currently working on my model with dynamic topology and ran into some errors. My plan so far was to delete one side, fix it add mirror. My question so far is: Looking in the Y axis how do I align top/bottom vertices.

As you can see in the snapshot, top loop is way misaligned. Also, Im working on my model now… do I wait to line up everything at the end, or as I go along?

Thanks for replies:cool:


1, edit mode: select all, space --> make normals consistent (some of your normals are already looking the wrong way)
2, edit mode: selec the edge loop, hit SX0(zero) (this will smooth the loop)
3. edit mode: move the loop to 0 on the x axis.
4, add a mirror modifier and finish the job

Thanks for the tip helluvamesh. It works so far. Did a little reading on normals too.

Hey guys now that I fixed my problem that I had. I have a question before I begin the sculpting stage again. I have a very strong interest in creature concept design. I was wondering should I learn this from something like digital tutors learning paths,, or take another concept idea adding/deleting my own features?

The reason why I am asking is that this will be my first creature design I will be learning from Mr. Trammell’s course. It only covers modeling, but I plan on adding texturing/rigging afterwards. As you can see from the snapshot I plan on changing a few things.

Because Im still new to Blender… going on to Mistakes New CG Artists Make:
2. Reference is cheating
3. traditional art skills have nothing to do w/art and animation
10. Being stuck in tutorial land. ( I only use for reference/troubleshooting now)
13 Taking wrong short cuts
15. Work big to small.

I feel like these apply to me right now trying to become a creature concept designer. Id like some feedback from anyone on getting started creature concept designer. I guess another thing I encounter alot is time management.