vertices missing in object mode

i wanted to sculpt and 3D print my model. Initally i hide the back of my model so that i can move the front vertices easily and not to be be confused. After im done with the front, i realised the back vertices was jumbled up and so i deleted it and fill the hole back. In edit mode, everything looks okay. But in object mode, the vertices are gone. I want to know will there be any problem if i send this to print. If so, how could i fix this?

Besides this, i tried to punch a hole this model but failed. First i skrinkwrap and then extrude and scale the face of the circle i created and alt-c it. Then i used boolean modifier and selected difference. This is the end results:

Y does this happen? i have tried before remove doubles and recalculate but no success.

case1.blend (1.14 MB)


You are in wireframe mode so need to enable ‘Draw all edges’

Then i used boolean modifier and selected difference. This is the end results:
The Circle.009 object has inverted normals so select all its faces and recalculate normals (Ctrl+N)


It works! Thank you! I have spent the whole night trying to make the hinge of spectacles but im stuck here. plz help me out :slight_smile:

There’s another problem i faced with creating spectacles hinges. This is my first time using blender. Theres many things i still dun understand. Please help me out. I wanted create a spectacle hinge like this:

and i tried the whole night and ended up stuck at here…

1.At the end of the semi-cylinder, there is one extra face that has to be remove but i cant click on it. 2.The face between the hinge and the spectacles frame has to be deleted too. i tried loopcut and x it but there is one more underlayer. 3.The hinge is hollow at the side, how do i ensure another cylinder be placed at the middle then i could use boolean modifier and subtract it so the glasses side can be connect to the frame. How do i deal with this issues?

Overall, i find that my method of building the hinge is like going around the world. I spend one whole night but cant build it out because of issues like overlapping faces. Is there a simplier way of approach? How would u do the hinge?


hook.blend (508 KB)