Vertices query

How do i add vertices without using the subdivide or is it possible??Also how can i remove vertices without using the there a way to subdivide backwards!!Thanks

  1. use Ctrl-LMB in Edit mode; select 1 vert first if you want an edge between the original geometry and the new.

  2. only with undo, Decimate doesn’t work logically.


You can add verts for example this way:

  1. Make an object.
  2. Go to the edit mode.
  3. Deselect all verts by hitting a.
  4. Hit ctrl-leftmousebutton to add vert(s). (Note: It can be interesting to select a few verts and try this then.)

How to remove vertices without using delete: Use undo, ctrl-z? Redo is ctrl-shift-z

I am not sure what you mean by subdividing backwards. An image or a reference would help.

Thanks.That worked a charm!