Vertices refuse to move

I was modelling a stone bridge for about 45 minutes (restarted design a few times) and suddenly, when I was finally content with the basic layout thus far, I tried to extrude the top and it refused. It technically extruded, and the numerical location indicator in the bottom left said I was moving it, but still the extruded region remained in place. I tried rotating which did nothing, and scaling brought them all to a point, as though I had tried to scale and pressed 0. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Sure it’s not that big of a deal and the bridge is a simple design I could remake in a short amount of time, but I’d like to know what I did wrong, if anything, to prevent this in the future.


stone_bridge1.blend (623 KB)

Apply scale (Ctrl+A) of the objects (in object mode). This fixes the issue, but I don’t know what caused it

If Ctrl+A is a toggle then I probably pressed it when trying to save. Thanks!

It’s not a toggle, it basically resets the object’s scale to 1 in all dimensions, keeping the current geometry.

I looked at your file and it turns out that the problem is, that the Y-scale is 0. Take the default cube and set any axis’ scale to 0 -> same problem. I wonder if that’s considered a bug? Or is it expected behavior? If anything, it’s confusing to the user… :slight_smile: