Vertices to Area?

I already posted this problem once with the title “Area problem”, and I saw that I was wrong with my explanation, so I wanna be now as exactly as possible: When I just get simple vertices that are only connected together, but don’t produce an area, for example a circle or a cube composed of only 4 planes (therefor you have two openings). Sure, at the cube, I can use two other planes with “Extrude”, to close the object, but I’d like to know a function or trick, that I can use for every complicated mesh-object.


If you want to close the ends, select either 3 or 4 verts and hit the f key to make a face. Duno if thats what you are looking for?

Well, that was it really, thanks, but another question, it doesn’t really go on circles with more than 4 vertices, then I have to select for example 4 vertices one after another and press F until I get inner vertices that I can get connected, a little bit enerving, I think


Unfortunately, Blender only supports faces with 3 or 4 vertices. For a circle, what you shown wouldn’t be the first way I would do it. Select all the vertices in your circle, then press E to start extruding. Now press S, and you’ll be scaling the extruded vertices. You can either scale to 0 and the W -> Remove Doubles or scale to whatever you want and then press Alt+M ->At Centre to merge at centre.

Alternate way of closing out an end would be to use the edge select tool and select 2 edges at a time and close them. This method is slightly slower, but you’ll save 2x the face count. Example

Just for reference: Tutorial: Fill faces

This covers most of the ways to fill ‘holes’ in a mesh i think.