Vertices to Faces

Hi, just one question - does exist script that connect vertex to the nearest another one vertex?

I used Icarus to track a head. I got something like pointed surface that I need to convert to a faced mesh. Because next step is to use this mesh as a form for mesh with right topology. For placing mesh into the form I wanted use ShrinkWrap Modifier. Modifier has “nearest vertex” option, but It takes result very messy. I need “nearest surface point” option.

This test was done with low resolution video and not enough features. Before some other tests I would like to know if I can get the vertices to a surfaces.

Thanks for help.

Haven’t tried it yet but this looks promising

Hi there!

You please look for the script that make s 3D-surface from a point cloud. The Point Cloud script, or something - I am not sure right now.

BUT: be aware that the criteria which the script uses are NOT sufficient to ensure good result ALWAYS. Also - the criterion - “connect a vertex with the nearest one” - may work in 80-85% of the case but AGAIN not ALWAYS as your form may have cracks that should remain cracks and not get covered by faces.


thanks guys :slight_smile: you make me a happy day, I was googled for a long time -keyword problem?
I got a problem to run a script. But I will ask on author thread. Thank you very much.

Hope to have helped you :slight_smile:

it works great :slight_smile:

Note: mesh looks terrible not because of script :-), but my point cloud was done from low-res video and other thinks. Anyway it took few second with smooth tool in sculpt mode. There is also option use smooth (W) in edit mode, but it smooth whole mesh.