Vertices, vertices, vertices...

I have an object with too many vertices, is there a way to delete some without deleting any faces?


I’m in the middle of a render, so I can’t try this to verify, but I think if you remove doubles (edit mode …select all…w…remove doubles), it will keep faces. However, if you have vertices that are not doubles, and form a face, if you delete one, the face is gone also.

yeah, I know about that but I dont have any double vertices so I guess I’ll just have to remodel the part of the object with 1000vertices(exaggeration:cool: )

If you merge the vertice into another ([ALT]+[M]) the face(s) is/are still there afterwards … but they may be ‘deformed’ if they are quads.


Vertices anchor faces. You can’t remove one without affecting the other. However, Blender has a “decimate” modifier, which will remove vertices (and faces) while attempting to preserve the shape of the object, which is probably what you want to do anyway. You can adjust the amount of “decimation” and see the new shape before actually applying the modifier to change the mesh. Give it a try. It’s not perfect, but you’ll have a lot less work than doing the whole thing by hand.

Alright thanks guys, I’m going to give these a try.

If your mesh has good topology you can delete entire edge loops while preserving faces. Use Alt-RMB to select an edge loop, Xkey->Edge Loop.

Or you could try the magic poly reducer script :wink:

Cambo has a poly reducer, near the middle of the page, not sure if that’s what Alden is refering to.

The script comes with 2.41 and above (possibly under that, I’ve only been around since 2.41).