Vertici placement for bones

were should verticies go to prepare for bones?

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question. What exactly do you want to achieve?

like should the verticies go on the joing or on either side?

I also don’t understand. Are you trying to parent a mesh to an amature to animate it?

An armature is capable of deforming a mesh regardless of where the vertices are; the bone can be inside, outside, or no where near the the mesh at all.

Check the documentation at for help setting up an armature, or respond if I didn’t answer your question I guess.

I think I understand what you want. You want to know how to connect your mesh to an armature and animate it. If you’ve never done it before maybe it is good to do the gingerbreadman tutorial from the Blender User Guide:

i’ve rigged befor in blender but i’m not shure were the profesional placement of verticies is.(in the way of joints)