Vertigo Exit

I’m extremelt dissapointed with the way this came out.

Complain away, this is probably the last of the projects I post here for a while. Getting ready to move, and then I’ve got a ton of exodus stuff to do.

Here’s the ugly crap:



I don’t know why you don’t like it! I think you did really well. The only thing is it seems a little too blury, it kinda hurts my eyes.


You truly underestimate your work – it looks really cool.


My only observation is that the ship should not be blurred, other than that
I think it is pretty good.

Althiom, the picker of nits

looks great!

Smacks DittoHead Stop dissing your work take pride in it( unless you jus want the pitty points :wink: )

Awesome. I’d put that as my desktop if my eyes didn’t hurt for looking at it so long :wink:

I really like it as well, though I agree that it’s kinda hard on the eyes.

Great work. Maybe a little hard on the eyes, but still looks great.

yeah… the ship shouldn’t be blurred…and I’m sure that dittohead is making a joke when he says it’s ugly… haha you won’t fool me!

I love the fullness of the picture…


You gotta be joking that’s great! :smiley:

Thats pretty good. Its better than what I can probably do at this point.

Very cool.

I agree that either the ship, or the building should be blurred. Not both. But it is definitley a cool image.


Yeah, I just though the pipes and some of the textures looked bland.

I guess when you work on it for a month you get tired of seeing it.

Thanks again, Maybe I’ll change those things when I get a chance.

nice work, too much blur, but it could work in an animation, really looks good to me.

hey dude the Depth of Field is awesome and i love the lighting. the modeling looks awesome but it is too blurry to really tell and the texturing is the same.

Great job dude.

The detail is awesome, the lighting is aweosme, the textues are awesome, the ONLY thing that I have qualms with is the blur, but that’s easily fixed if you really wanted to (or easily ignored ;))

Really, that’s one darn purty picture there.

Cheap and dirty DOF and motion blur acheived in Photopaint. I tried to tone it (the motion blur) but it’s hard to give you the feeling of motion while keeping it toned down.

If it’s still too blurred let me know, I can fix it.

Removed the “vertigo exit” text…it busied up the scene.

Thanks to alltaken for hosting!

nice, but there’s a few things i dont like…

  1. composition, it might be me but my eye is drawn to the grey bits before the bright orange, as if there is more of a story behind the fighter or ahead of it.

  2. this also brings up the deal with the imperial logo at the front there, doesnt seem to add up… is he just going for a spin around the local military exhaust ports?

  3. name of the peice doesnt really say much

  4. turning wheels where you cant reach…

  5. fishing for sympathy…

Oops, I forgot to post the description of the piece:

Vertigo Sqaudron is: In the waning years of the Empire, 5 years after the Emporer died at Endor the Imperial Army commisioned a redesign of the TIE Interceptor for Sub-terrainian operations. The TIE’s speed was vastly decreased and several the 4 laser cannons were replaced with reverse thrusters. Deep mines are the main use for this type TIE, as more and more planets were being taken by the Rebels many operations some several Imperial planets moved literally underground. Vast cave networks had to be protected and the Navy wanted nothing to do with it.

Point number one is why I hate the image…and I’ve been working on it for a month so I’m tired of trying to fix things.

Point number two: read the desc. at the top

Point number three: sure it does, again, read the desc. (I forgot to post it with the first image, I did post it at the WIP thread a while back though)

Point number four: uhhh…they use slaves…yeah big slaves…wookies…yeah

Point number five: no, I honestly hated the image. I’ve been working on it for about a month and I guess I see a lot more that pisses me off than you guys do

Point number six: there is no point number six…oops.