Vertigo on a crane

Hello people,
this render as been done in Blender 2.7 and rendered in Cycles 500 samples.

It was made for a Blenderartist week-end challenge, the theme was: Vertigo. I’m open for any comment in order to get it better :). In fact I’m sure this image could be better but don’t have any idea how to make it nicer :confused:

If you would like to see it in full HD, go on:[email protected]/14587714554/ and put fullscreen :cool:

I was having a hard time figuring out what the focal point was, or even what this picture is about. It took me a while to see the guy on the end. The crane model is good, I just don’t know what’s going on. Why do they need a crane in the mountains, and why is that guy up there? I would model an upclose version of the guy, and get the camera right in there, as we see this guy feeling really uneasy about his situation.

Actually, you’re right, there’s no true sense in this picture. When I did that I was having in my mind the end of the humanity only few humans were still alive. I guess it’s not obvious, but the crane is not straight at all, broken at few places, I tried to represent rust on it.

I don’t know, how to do focal point, that could be interresting but I’ll probably loose some details as the flowers for example.

Thanks for the comment that helped me to realize how senseless it was ^^. I wanted to use the thing I know for this project, that was not the best :no:. Next time I’ll do better!

ps: excuse my english