Vertigo Screenshots#1

hello ladies and gents, TomorrowMan here with the first batch of screenshots from my game project, “Vertigo”…if you hang around the forums often, im sure youve heard about it by now but if you havnt go to and check it out…anywho, just remember these are VERY early screenshots…in the final game landscape there will be trees, animated water, weather, night-day, cities, etc…and the game has a pretty good story, its very innovative…

thats about it for now…if your intrested in joining please contact me, we need all the help we can get! :slight_smile: We’ve also did a complete re-design of the site, its uses the same system as, check it out!

huh, those generated web pages… are always so overwhelming… makes it hard to breath… you know…


do you still want those water textures?

ive been away for a bit only resently got back could start work on them but probably make them for the comunity if theres enough call for them.
i just hope i can make them look desent.

yeah i emailed you…anywho, if you dont mind ide like you to go ahead and make those i talked about in the email…you got it right? i dont see any problem with letting the community use them too…