Vertigo Squadron

In the waning years of the Empire, 5 years after the Emporer died at Endor the Imperial Army commisioned a redesign of the TIE Interceptor for Sub-terrainian operations. The TIE’s speed was vastly decreased and several the 4 laser cannons were replaced with reverse thrusters. Deep mines are the main use for this type TIE, as more and more planets were being taken by the Rebels many operations some several Imperial planets moved literally underground. Vast cave networks had to be protected and the Navy wanted nothing to do with it. With many cave systems being fragile newer weapons systems had to be implented. Instead of laser cannons the system uses mass driver technology, which only in rare circumstances can cause wide spread damage.

Rendered in Blender 2.33a-cvs. CVS grab from yesterday morning.

Lighting consists of 2 area lights, AO sub set to 1.5, a huge amount of buffer shadow lamps inside the tube to produce extra shadows to add depth behind the pipes and some sphere lights on the houtside to produce color variety.

CnC is as always welcome!

Vertigo Base

I like the camera angle on this one better than the one you showed in IRC.

I would still turn up the AO samples to reduce the graininess and add an area light for some more directional lighting.

Seems pretty monotone as well. Add some more colour.


Monotone? Maybe a little but I’m going out on limb adding more than one color range as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

The final image will be post procced in the sequncer and a bit in gimp so it will be brighter and will have more contrast as it does here.

Working on adding more lights but the scene as it is renders slowly.

The grain you’re seeing isn’t AO, it’s furt and bump mapping. In a scene like this smoothness doesn’t look right.


I’ve added many more direcitonal lamps, corrected the blur stuff that casts onto the tie’s leftmost wing support.

Some post pro in gimp to enhance contrast.

I’ve got a few things to work on…more crits would rock. Thanks!

Ooh, looks very nice so far! It’d be nice to see a bit more detail and definition around the edge of the opening, rather than just the rounded edge. The Imperial logo and the TIE are so sharp and crisp and aggressive looking, but the surroundings look a little bit ‘soft and fuzzy’ to me. Keep it up!

It’s looking great so far. :slight_smile: How about adding terraces from the ladders to the cave.

The pipes that end to thin air look strange to me. Especially the ones at the right, they look almost as if they were part of the TIE’s wings… :-?

I’d also add some motion blur, now it’s rather static.

Lighting looks much better now. Good job on that.

The texture on the wings looks off. I know that in the original movies it was a flat texture but maybe this time give it a bit of a squarish bump?

I feel bad for who ever has to climb those walls and then try to turn that valve without anything firm to stand on. Bet they have a whole squadron to clean up the messes left after each shift from fallen miners heheh

Oh and one other thing. The bevel along the edge of the openening might look a bit more realistic if it was sharper. Maybe give it a try and see?

I don’t have any renders right now…I lost the one I did overnight I forgot to save it :frowning:

However I’ve made the entrance to the tunnel much larger, removed one of the ladders, made things smaller, added a vent to the side of the tennel with flames… :slight_smile: and I’ve chnaged the materials for the pilot’s compartment.

I’m going to work on the wing textures right now then add some defenition to the edge of the tunnel. Maybe I’ll add some extra goodies to the rest of the scene and then I’ll render.

Nice, nice. Perhaps it is silly, but I’d be happier if something was shiny. Just ever so slighly shiny. Perhaps the fighter.

Nah, not the fighter! They’re cheap and mass produced, not polished. But maybe the three large pipes at the bottom of the tunnel could be smoother and polished?

The second one looks very nice, only it gives a feeling as if something’s missing. You know how there is nothing on edges of the pic, the wall is just dissapearing into nowhere… if only there would be something besides that nothingness. The lightning is very well done. Good job with textures as well.


Hmmm, I don’t like the vent/flames. I’ll probably get rid of them.

As for the pipes the now stretch beyond the image.

I need to add another area light for the pipes and you’ll be happy to know I fixed the wing texture on the TIE, but for speed reasons I didn’t render it in the pic.

Layer controls really help with this scene:

Layer 1, has the TIE cockpit
Layer 2, has the TIE wings
Layer 3, has the main color lamps
Layer 4, has the tunnel
Layer 5, has has the pipes and nernies
Layer 6, has two area lights
Layer 7, has one area light
Layer 8, has 144 dupliverted buffer-shadow spots to create shadows in the tunnel
Layer 9, has the flames (might remove it)

It allows me to make some renders faster by removing redudent items that simply increase render time without affecting what I currently working on. It also allows me to have a cleaner viewport when working with different objects. If you’re new to blender take heed, you’ll be using layers a lot. To move object between layers simply hit Mkey in object mode and select 1 of 10 different layers to place it on (shift selecting a layer allows you to place the object on multiple layers and alt+numberkey (like alt+1) sends objects to the 11-20 layers while 1-0 keys place them on layers 1-10).

Thanks for the crits guys, makes my work much better.

I don’t like the vent/flames

I think it would look better if you used steam or light smoke.
Fix it up a bit.

Great work! It has such a sense of depth to it.

emerge tie-interceptor

A bit blurry…going to darken wings.

Heavy crits are wanted, I’m going to render one more WIP then it’s time to post a final.

Heavy crits, huh? I’ll try to think of something… Here we go:

I’d still like to see a terrace at the top of the ladders, so that you could also access the big valve and so that you could stand on something when using the small valve.

I might also remove those pipes at the left or at least make them go along the wall. There’s no need to keep the tunnel going with pipes if it actually ends, is there?

Those ladders could also use some sort of safety rails like at the top of the leftmost image here: … They look rather scary when just plain.

Then I’m not sure but shouldn’t TIEs have some rear rockets? If not a real rocket fire, then you might want to consider post-processing some hot air / steam behind the TIE. Hot air / steam makes the landscape behind it look blurry because the refraction index is different from cold air, you know what I mean.

Awesome ideas! Thanks, I’ll work on 'em.

Inside the tunnel there is a hard contrast between lights. It goes from orange to original lightning. I think it should be all the same color inside. I like that orangish light you got.

Other than that, it’s a great pic!