Verts and armatures

i cant seem to find any tuts on how to connect verticies to an armature for animation. Does anyone know how to do this? or where to find a tut?

Select your obj and armature then press CTRL+P, then armature and closest to bones .

but what if i have a whole object like a human, and i want to select just the verts on the forarm and attach ONLY THOSE VERTICIES to the armature?

Then select those vertices and attach them to the bone you want to.

but i cant select the armature while i am in edit mode on the object!:confused:

ok, i am retarded:p, so i am gonna probably need a step-by-step procedure. is it just simple parenting or do i have to use some of the buttons on the buttons menu?:spin:

If you don’t find anything at here (i did)
Then send .blend file.

Edit: use vertex group .

im sorry, i dindt se ur edit. thanks, that is what i needed.

LOL:D, your welcom.

wow that was less complex than i thought it would be. but now im having another problem. all i did was parent it and hit- to closest bones. now when i move/rotate the bone, it moves the piece that i want to move, but some corners stay behind. what do i do now? here’s the blend.

man… do we have to explain EVERYTHING…?
ok 1rst make sure envellope is not activated, 2nd if there is some vertices left behind, go edit mode select the ‘‘left behind’’ vertices and in the edit that click on “assign” to the proper bone names, it will simply add the vertices selected to your vertex group!

Use “Weight Paint” mode on your human. Then remove or add weight near the place you want.

haha, thanks, i told u i was retarded.:oseriously, thanks 4 puttin up w/me. sorry for being such a NOOB

we all started at this point :stuck_out_tongue: dont worry