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Hey All,
As working with Blender (2.77a) having fun modeling and what not…

While working I wondered: is there a nice Addon / Plugin I can install to show me the geometry info on-screen?

I know it’s already there on the top of the window, but it will be much easier for me to see it over the screen, maybe on the top Right or top Left as I’m working.

Maybe there is a display option I can just enable to see it?

Any help will be great, thanks ahead! :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m guessing it’s in french?

Is there a link to how to do this step-by-step in English? I don’t see these options on my version of Blender, maybe it’s a plugin or something I need to install, not sure… sorry for the confusion.

Download, install, use :wink:

It’s in the shader menu.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
This is very helpful and should be added to Blender as a default in my opinion…

need to be installed or just run in text editor ?

I an see UI panel but not in viewport ?

happy bl

It happened to me after I installed the zip file.
For some reason it only appeared after I closed Blender and Launch it again.

Look on the Right Panel (press the N button) and scroll down you will see: “Viewport info”
there you have all the different settings you want to play with, it’s very nice.

The only thing that missing for me is that it won’t show selections like in the top area of Blender, for example if I select 2 verts it won’t show it. maybe there is a way I can turn it on… but maybe it’s not yet in the plugin.

Still, it’s very useful.

but is it supposed to show some data in viewport too
or only in the UI panel ?

happy bl

I’m not sure, what I see is only on the viewport but I just installed it and I don’t know much about this plugin.
It’s not replacing the default Top UI default, it’s adding the details to the viewport.

can you show a pic
I don’t see anything at all in viewport


Make sure you click on that Eye icon on the “Viewport info” so it will be enable.
I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot:


then I must be missing something

see what I get here in edit mode

anything else I have to do to see data in viewport ?

happy bl

Hmm… not sure what the problem is, I’m using Blender 2.77a btw.

This is really simple !

looks like only a portion of the script is working
so something is missing here and I got latest stable 2.7a

can it work if you run it from text editor or have to install it ?

don’t see any addon in there !

happy bl

This is really buggy!

It even displays the info into the material slots!