Very 1st Modeling... tell me what ya think

OK this is not quite done yet… I followd a tatoural that was on Blenders site. I have had Blender for 3 days now. and this is what Ive come up with so far.

I still have to add the strings and some details and then im gong to put it in a room but see what ya think…


Oh copy and paste it in your browser cauz it wont work other wise… damn geocities…

Not a bad start at all. One quick thing to make it work better: enable OSA in your RenderButtons prior to rendering (a setting of 8 should be fine). Now bevel those edges and add some strings! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. i wished i could do that in three days. i am a newbie for three weeks now and i cant make such a guitar. looks very promising. welcome to the community :smiley: .

Very good since yer a n00b3rt!
OSA and strings recommended though, like Fweeb said!
Yet beveling is like, SOO over-rated. :stuck_out_tongue: LoL

…and welcome to the Blender Community!!

Great work-- are you new to 3D? Keep working at it, you seem to have a lot of sense.


thanks all… yes Im new to the 3D world… thou not new to Graphics and drawing… I started drawing to proper scale when i was 2 years old so Ive always been able to draw pritty good but about 6 years agot I totaly stoped drawing . but since I got into the music industry and started working on music videos I thought that 3D animation I could implament in my music videos ( as soon as I got good enought :stuck_out_tongue: )

Oh and I just figured out that OSA Rendering thing much better :smiley:

Thanks all