Very basic 2.5 question - f-curve???

I am having a very basic issue. I am somewhat familiar with Blender2.49 but I am now trying to learn 2.5 and the differences are making me nuts. I might have been better off starting with 2.5

I know the IPO window no longer exists and has been replaced with the f-curve (I think). Setting up a texture and I need to get the texture to animate the Z-offset. I sat an stared at the screen for an hour before I discovered that you activate the texture Z-offset channel in the F-Curve driver editor by right clicking the Z-offset value and clicking on the menu entry. But once I get it active I cannot figure out how to directly edit the curve and I cannot seem to get it to do anything in the animation render. Is there a tutorial somewhere that would cover this in 2.5 or is there something simple I may be missing? How do I get a texture Z-offset value on the F-Curve chart instead of on the driver chart?


Once you have setup the animation of a Z-Offset by right clicking on the Z-Offset field and inserting keyframe, at different points in your animation. Then switch to the Graph Editor window.

And if you have a material on an object and you have animated the Z-Offset, you will see an entry for the material in the Graph editor window, click the arrow at the side of it and keep clicking the arrows until, the z-offset field is shown. Click on the Z-Offset Texture field you want to change then you can ctrl-left click at any point in the graph line and it will add a control point where you click.

Attached is a Blend file showing a animated Z-Offset and the Graph Editor curve.


Blender 2.52 - Texture Z Offet FCurve.blend (84.9 KB)

Guess what, ok its not news really but the first time I’ve tried it, you can add curves to anything with a numeric input! For example, there is no Fcurve for the strength of a fluid controller so you just R click in the field in the properties panel and add select keyframe and ZZIIPP its right there added to the curve editor, this is reallllly great IMHO! THanks devs its a great additiion and best of all it works!!

DUH!!! I would swear I tired the Insert Keyframe before and it did not work. Now it works. Must not have held my mouth right. Thanks.