Very basic mini game Lost in space film

Hi there,

I did originally release an older file, it was phase one of a project based on the Lost in space film, it was suppose to be a demo, but didn’t work out for asestic and some technical reasons, in particuar a mysterious face disappearing. So I pressed on with my next object after, since I couldn’t get the mechanics working I had some assistance with it.

I want to thank LostScience for assisting me with the Logic brick programming, and python language code used to get the mechanics of this mini game working. I also aquired the body mesh for the player from Blendswap.

41mb download, 105 once extracted. So I have compilied this on 32 bit windows xp, so there are no enhanced graphics. You’ll need to reload the application once an event has taken place.

Controls are the arrows for moving forward, turn left and right. To fire is the ‘S’ key and to raise the weapon is the left mouse button.


You should have just posted the blendfile.

I prefer this way. I don’t know if I’ll release the file may be in time. I’m notsure.

The file is a mini game at the end of the day, want it to load like a game.