Very Basic Project

I still have very little experience with blender so I figured I should sit down and do a small project that will familiarize me with the modeling process. I’ve started by modeling the mouse I am using. I have the basic shape done, but still need to add in some parts.

It’s a little messy in some places, but I’m attempting to fix it. I need to add the wheel and everything on the bottom as well. Any help along the way will be appreciated.

Loopcut = ctrl-r

shift-x, shift-y or shift-z to exclude an axis when scaling.

Those are two handy things to know when making buttons. :^)

Thanks, I didn’t know about excluding an axis. I’ve added the wheel and the hole in the bottom, but I’m sure the mesh is far uglier than it should be. I’ll put some pictures of the mess up later, but for now I’m off.