Very basic questions

I’m fairly new to modeling still, but I’m getting better.

I’m making a character for a game.

And as such, I want my character to be optimized, but still look good. I’ve got my model basically finished mesh-wise, at 1.8k polys which is perfect imo.

Now what I want to know:

  1. Is it a good idea to try using normal maps to add more detail? It’s somewhat of a cartoon style game, but the more detail the better right? (Do normal maps cause any decrease in performance?)
    (What about using normal maps on a LOT of things, like on every tree, every wall, etc.)

  2. Fur…I think it would look better if my character had fur, however I’m not sure if it would play well in a game. Opinions?
    (I’m thinking fur would be much more suitable for cut scenes…)

  3. What about soft bodies? I would like my character’s ears and tail to sort of bounce around. But again, I don’t want much performance decrease by soft bodies. Will it affect it much?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I’ve never done anything with modeling besides actual geometric kind of stuff.

(hopefully this was the right section too…>.<)

  1. Normal maps purpose is just that, to add more detail and still have a nice performance. So yes, use normal maps if you feel you need more detail.

  2. Fur for gaming is not likely to work, at least I think it didn’t in previous versions. Textures are usually what’s used.

  3. Soft bodies work but you have to use low-poly, otherwise will get performance decrease

“Sneak up on” what works. Start with the simplest, unadorned character and then experiment. Always try to consider, “well, what else will work?” Or, “work just as good?”

Alright, thanks guys.

I think I have enough information for now. :cool: