VERY BASIC Rigging Problems.

Hey, I’m following a rigging tutorial on Youtube, I’ve done…everything correctly, that I’ve been instructed to do…I THINK…but the armature still doesn’t move. I’ve added the armature for an arm, consisting of a bone for the bicep, forearm and two for the claw-hands…but…I don’t see WHY it isn’t working!

I added an armature modifier, and connected the armature to the character, but to no avail, nothing is working.

Can anyone help me out??? I’ve been wanting to start rigging for so long, just haven’t been able to find tutorials…except for this one.

Here’s the tutorial link.

It’s for a prior release, but I think it’s only 2.47.
I’ve attached a copy of my .blend file.

Hope someone can help…


low poly.blend (325 KB)

When you say “the armature doesn’t move” do you mean the armature doesn’t deform the mesh? Well I took your blend and made the armature deform the arm. I hope this was what you were looking for. I didn’t spend much time on it so it aint that great…but it works.


MetaBlueLowPoly.blend (358 KB)

If your keen to learn rigging i would advise you to take a look at this tutorial

It’s where i learnt to model and rig. It shows you how to model and rig a complete character, plus is aimed at a complete newcomer to blender so it’s really easy to follow.

You need to tell blender WHICH bits of the object to move, and how much. There are a few ways to do this.

  • select a bunch of vertices that you want to be moved by a bone, name those vertices the same as the bone
  • weight paint - select mesh, shift select armature, go into weight paint mode (mesh turns blue), ‘paint’ vertices while selecting each bone to associate that bone with the correct vertices
  • bone envelopes - all vertices within a certain (modifiable) range of each bone are moved
  • bone heat weighting - newer version, blender tries to work out what to move automatically by the position of bones relative to the mesh. Can result in strange behaviour when the armature isn’t finished (it will attach the mesh to the closest bone, if you haven’t finished your armature (e.g. your example), then the rest of the body gets attached to the upper arm bone.

You’re 90% there. Look at some of those tutorials, hopefully you will understand and see what you need to do.