Very basic vertex bevel problem

OK, this is very frustrating because this is a very simple problem and I don’t know why it is happening.

In example 1) I just created a very simple flat 2d quad poly made up of only 4 points that has no duplicated geometry or scaling issues.

In example 2) I just selected the verts and tried to bevel them evenly and this is the result.

I am doing this in Blender 2.83 but have also tried this in Blender 2.93 as well with the same problem.

It doesn’t matter if I choose ‘Offset’, ‘Width’ or ‘Depth’, I still get the same disproportionate bevel. Even if I go back into Object mode and apply all the transformations, I still get the same result.

I’m working on something where I need the vertex beveling to be even from the selected points and I’ve never had this problem before. I mean, this is such a simple shape. This should not be a problem.

Is there a setting I am missing? Do I have something already activated that I shouldn’t? Is there an addon which will gaurantee the correct even beveling that I want?



If you’re on a rectangular plane I guess you’re gonna always have this problem, cause they slide proportionally along the edges.
First bevelling the square and then scaling it into a rectangular plane?
(or, even better, take half and dragging it away)

did you apply scale to the object?
ctrl A

Apply scale: top object.

No applied scale: bottom result.

both with vertex bevel.

It shouldn’t because A) because of the ‘width’ option (which STILL gave me disproportion anyway when I chose it) and B) I did a test with a single face from a cube that I scaled on the X, applied the transformation so that it was rectangular then tried the vertex bevel and it DID give me the result that I wanted. But, when I used the same square polygon plane as in B), went into edit mode and reshaped the vertices to be rectangular and tried the vertex bevel, I got the disproportion.

Yes. I mentioned this twice in my original message. I just think that something is going on behind the scenes that I don’t know about, code-wise. It might be an ‘edit mode’ vs ‘object mode issue’ or even something to do with global or local scale issues. Honestly, I don’t know and it sucks.

I’m going to be working on 50+ models and I need to get the bevel to work correctly (without some tedious workaround)

Thanks for your input, guys, anyway.


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Could you pleasr provide a simple file where this, error exists.

Ok, what happens if you Ctrl Shift B instead?

Ahhhhhh!!! I want to punch my brain out because I found my stupid mistake!!!

I had been ONLY working from the front view for so long on previous projects and ASSUMED that the shapes were all flat on the Y axis that I didn’t realise that the mesh was skewed on the X axis, making it seem like the bevel was not working evenly.

This just goes to show at how working in one way can make you lose sight of such common mistakes.


I apologise for wasting all of your times and appreciate the fact that any of you were willing to help me with such a dumb issue.