Very beginner non-technical question about Blender Game Engine

I’m new to 3D game engines. I have been looking at all the great engines on the web and decided on a couple of not so obvious questions about Blender Game Engine.

  1. Is it stable enough to create Commercial games?

  2. Would the games be standalone? and do they require special libraries to be installed by the user.

  3. If 1 is yes, can someone please mention some links to games that have been designed for that.

  4. Unity 3D is very popular. Would it make more sense to jump into learning Unity for a game, and Blender for asset development.

This last question is game development related question more or less. I have never built a level, is there a Blender resource, where I can find alot of information on Level design specifically?

Blender is an incredible software, I can’t say enough good things about it, so I’m ready to try and get into gaming.

1: Depends on the designer. It is, but you’ve really got to know what you’re doing.
2: They can be standalone, yes.
3: (Also take a look in the “Finished Games” section of these forums)
4: Depends on your preferences. If you’re not huge into programming, start with Blender’s GE. Unity is coding intensive.
5: Here, we’ll offer any help you may need. And, Google is your friend. Tutorials are plenty for Blender. :slight_smile:

By the way! Just found this website.

Thanks, I’ll be snailing through some tutorials.

  1. Sorry to say that: newer versions are slightly unstable.(loading/unloading assets…etc) I’d say wait for 2.69x to be released.
    2: “They can be standalone, yes.” I think that .NET Framework is required to be installed on your computer to run any blender game standalone and Python x.x libraries(if you are using heavy python scripting) At least my game requires these two.
    3.Krum is designed to use tons of assets scattered across big terrains and use of heavy logic and physics. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. If you put it this way, then yes…that is the most popular usage of Blender for game development and very likely it’s the right one.
    (Ofcourse you will need to pay 500-1000$ for Unity, the free version is useless if you want to create commercial game)