Very big hotel building, resort, project.

This is a project that is going to take quite some time, and i will mostly get to grips with this once my F1 entry is done and dusted.

This is going to be my vision of what beach holiday resorts are going to look like, 100 years in the future. I’ve got alot of detail to fill as this is going to be a learning project for me, i am aiming for relatively realistic results, with alot on screen.

Due to the amount that will probably go into this i will have alot of room to include suggestions on content, composistion, general stuff adn ideas.

Overall i want to make something that looks huge, in everyway, and to describe the feeling i am going for that, the little square clump on the ground is 100 people standing in a tight square. I wonder if this could be a good Where’s Wally picture?


Ok i don’t know what your plans are for your hotel. but i do know presentation is everything . a nice idea would be to but balconies filled with water falling from the top to the bottom like a fountain with some flora hanging over the edge, A nice big entrance perhaps a monorail lift docking station in the center of the building allowing it to pass through.

That thing indeed is massive!

Vincent had some very good ideas, that will make it a lot more attractive, especially the water thing would be amazing!

Adding a lot of plants, or better even trees would make it much more lively.

The problem I see here is, that the front looks all the same and is, at the same time, the biggest part! That is kind of boring. Personally I would say split the front in half and add some vegetation (or similar) to it, at least a little variation.

Also a big pool or some other wellness stuff on the ground would add to the atmosphere…

And at last, there’s even a small crit that I have and that is on the upper right of the image.
The twist the building does looks indeed great, but on the right there is a kind of “overhang”, that looks a bit uncomfortable, and instable!

You could maybe cut that part out and add something else to it, like a helipad, or some wellness stuff, again…

I have composed a little on your picture to show what I mean, I hope you don’t mind, and sorry for the obviously ugly looking…

Wow, that’s some pretty high quality work. I like it a lot. No criticisms. :slight_smile:

Those are some nice ideas, the hotel is built with the array modifier, so for the moment i’d prefere not to actually modify that for the time being due to the amount of poly’s (i can reduce it down to 1 floor to speed up my computer).
My thoughts for the rest go like this; The hotel is on an artificial island, there are long golden beaches around in most direction with main land reaching out behind the hotel. At the front entrance is a small road netwrk, design specifically for the hotel with a landing spot for hoverships to land in front. There are thousands of people on the beach, all enjoying the regulated warm sunlight held in by the collosal UV screening force field that form a 2km high circumfrance around the hotel area.

Vincent - Good idea, falling water and some water sculptures would be a nice addition.

Grenade - I have gone for a panoramic camera angle that show the hotel to be overhanging but in reality it is very much upright and tapers in slightly at the top. Your ideas ar interesting but as i say, i will apply the modifers and then modify the hotel when i am sure the amount of poly’s wont crash my computer, i am mostly working with just the bottom floor for computer performance.

lower the camera angle. say if youre looking at the hotel from a distance, while walking down a busy downtown street, looking up to the hotel in the distance would give it a greater sense of monumentality while also giving it a scale to relate to (the street, people and cars around the viewer VS the huge hotel in the distance). or say if you were standing on the beach/in a port nearby, viewing the hotel across a bay or something. scale is all relative, and until you told me what that little black splotch was, i would not have had any idea. perspective helps define scale really well too cuz what if those are really small people?