Very Dense Mesh. "Dirty Vertex" bake into Low-res, or export??


I have a very dense mesh at around 1,600,000 triangles and I have another simplified version of 3000 triangles.

I like the fact that “Dirty Vertex” in Vertex Painting, give me the cavity/curvatures of the model, really fast.
Now… I would like to export that Vertex Color map out of blender or baked from the Hi-res model into the Low-res model. It’s out of question to bake the Vertex Color map to an UV for the Hi-res (too many polys to manage). So here are my questions:

  • How can i bake the Vertex Color map from the Hi-res model to an UV Texture for the Low-res model?

  • If that is not possible, how can I export the Hi-res model with the Vertex Color Map attached out of blender?

Thanks in advance :confused:

In the render buttons there is a set of buttons for baking textures and materials from one mesh to another. You have options for baking normals maps, displacement maps, as well as materials and textures and lighting. The UVs don’t need to match in order to do this. Just make sure that the mesh you are baking to has a blank image assigned to its UV coords in the UV editor.

Dang… It’s really not intuitive that you don’t have just to have the low-res as Active object, but you also have to be selecting the UV. Makes sense you select the UV, since the object can have multiple.
But not a clue of that here.

Still having some issues to get a pristine bake but i guess thats come with experience in the parameters.

Last thing, can i export the Hi-Res model with the Vertex Color map too?

Thank you. Cheers!