Very different lens flare

Has anybody seen the ‘Halo Wars’ trailer yet? Pretty amazing stuff. One thing I can’t figure out is how they got that wierd lens flare that looks like a bunch of diagonal lines when the banshees’ spotlights are on the camera. (It’s towards the middle of the trailer.)

Hello? Man, nobody knows…

A link to the trailer would be very convenient for the lazy people among us…(like me). Or even better yet, a cutout where you show the exact effect you’re looking for…and maybe the exact time the effect appears at.

Especially since I really don’t have a clue what you mean.

Just finished watching the trailer… Wow. Too bad they made it look really corny…

Anyway, I can’t really answer your question- I actually thought that was a halo, not a lens flare.

Heres the Link

I can’t see it because I have dial up… so yeah if somebody could show a pic of the effect, then it would be a lot easier…




Not Really, but i did manage to play the movie, pause it and take a screenshot.

I hope this is what you are looking for.

I dont know how they accomplished the effect. I’m sure i could figure it out though.

Hail, Fliberty.

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I did a search and found some links that may or may not help, but are interesting in any way.


  2. here there is one called nebula_from_star_element that seems to be like the one in the clip.

Hope thats helps.

Yea, the one in the screenshot is exactly what I’m talking about. The sortof eyelash looking rainbow flare that shows up when you shine a light in a camera. They don’t even have that effect in AfterEffects!!! Can you believe that???

My guess is that it was just … built separately, and added in. A couple of animated curves, linked by line segments. Generate this sequence separately, then use it as a modifier affecting colors and/or highlights in the other layer(s) of the scene, and you’re there. Simple.

Maybe start with a close-up shot of a human eye and photoshop the hades out of it.

Just because it looks like and acts like “some kind of lens flare” doesn’t mean that it is. Likewise, just because it appears to be part of the scene that “must have been” generated at the same time, it doesn’t have to be so.

Distorted flares happen all the time on movies shot super 35 or animorphic (wide angles lens squished down to fit the neg and blown up later, the glass effects (in this case flares) get distorted but not corrected. I guess that it is a replication of a standard round flare (produced by a filter on the lens) that got distorted. Plenty of pluggins available for that psuedo efefct in After Effects.

To fake realism, you really have to watch close or experience the event as it happens.

You mean like this?

It’s called Knoll light factory, it creates literally hundreds of different flare styles. Completely recommended. For either photoshop or after effects. I’m pretty sure that’s what they used for this trailer.