Very Easy Question! Extrude+Rotate

I am new! but I am sure this will be very easy to answer.

If I rotate, then Extrude, the Width of this block has increased. I want to continue Extruding this model, but want the width to remain 2.0.

Thanks for your time!

That is very simple, but I don’t think it’s what you really want. If you simply extrude and rotate, the width remains constant, but because of the way basic trigonometry works, this is the result you get if you keep the width the same at all three edge loops:

So I have partially fixed my own problem. By moving these top 2 Vertices to the left, until I hit 2.0 Width. Now I just need to find a way to cut the top off…

Place the 3D cursor on the edge you are turning around. (Select the edge and snap cursor to selection Shift+s)
Then set the pivot point to the 3D cursor (button in header)
Then extrude, and rotate part way. Since you are rotating around the edge, the length will remain the same. Extrude and rotate as many times as you like: the more times, the smoother the transition.

Note: the ‘radius’ of the curved section is going to be less than two in between edges, (even though the edges themselves are 2 units long) because the face between them is flat, not curved. The more pie shaped sections you create, the less noticable this will be.

Use 2D curves where length of bevel object is width of your pipe. Then convert to mesh (if needed).
Bottom is converted mesh.


Rotate the rop verts around the bottom verts and done.