Very Expensive Picture

As I could not afford to take a real photo of this scene, I decided to make it in Blender:

Seriously, this is nothing very special, but I want to show it because of the overall impression. It’s modeled with Blender and rendered with Cycles @ 3000 samples (way too much, but it took only 45 mins :D). By the way, caustics are off.

You might have noticed that the gold material is not very realistic, but a realistic material would destroy the composition of the picture. If you want to, I can show you a realistic picture anyway.

Larger image here:

Any suggestions or criticism are welcome. Please don’t punch me for my bad english.


P.S.: Worth of the scene: approximate 2,700,000 $

This is very cool materials :slight_smile:

It’s good, but I’d really like to see some hard specularity … everything so far looks like it’s been shot under a beautiful soft-box, but in the case of both the gold-bars and the diamonds (particularly the diamonds), I just think you need a spotlight or two. Give it some shine, some sparkle… Which of course you could add using BI and the compositor …

@tadine: Thanks!
@sundialsvc4: I see what you mean, and you are right, ths scene is made under a soft-box. With more hardness, it will be another image, but I think I’ll give it a try. It may take a while because I have some other projects at the moment.