Very first movie about Open Source and another story of Ibiza


I made an ultra short movie about my experiences in Ibiza and open source tools, e.g. blender. This movie has a double meaning:

  • we can create a new universe with blender, open source
  • about my experiences in Ibiza where the people drive around the island to find out the next event they could consume. Did they learn the lesson after the universe was fully recreated? :slight_smile:

I only started this movie to learn modelling, character animation, how to chance scenes, camera switchings and path follows, compositing, how to use depth of field, how to transfer an idea to a movie etc.

This movie applies only the basics of blender, for me the best to get an overview. I used cylces to create the movie.

I am looking forward to constructive criticisms ! Please consider that this is my very first movie…

The sound is a little bit low what i have to improve. It seams to be a youtube problem, but i don’t know the reason exactly. Therefore you might need to increase your sound level. Please decrease your sound level after viewing because i want to protect your ears if you view another movie…

The movie seams to be darker in low resolution. Therefore i recommend to use the 1080p resolution to get full brightness. The movie is less then 2 minutes long, therefore it could be possible to see it as 1080p for you, hopefully…


The characters’ movement felt robotic.

I liked the visuals, but the character animation needs work (like xero said).
good music too, and btw you can make the music louder in blender

Thanks you for this comments. I will make the music louder, perhaps i have to normalize my music track, perhaps i forgot it;-)
And you both are right: the movements of the characters has to be improved. Many thanks again.

Hi, i just updated the movie with better sound (sound was to low and crispy). Next would be to improve the movements of the characters. My first goal was to finish a movie from begin to end.

Please read at first the description, because it is an ultra short movie.

I put the movie into the suzanne competition only to be part of it ( You can see all movies in section ‘Entries!’. Have fun.

Peace and love.