Very First Render

Hello everybody. I am pretty new here. I was wheeling around Cinema4D and Blender for almost a year, looking for the perfect start. Then immediately I thought that everything doesn’t need to be perfect to start, but I must start to be perfect. I was always afraid of Blender because of the interface etc. but after working on it for a couple of days, now I can’t work that chill on any other 3D software.

In short, here is my first render on Blender. This time I will stick with the Blender to do my best!!


This is a great start, however I’d want to bring up something you might want to alter.
In comparison to grass, the scale of your automobile is relatively little.

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I always thought C4D interface was very intimidating… well, it seems it all depends on where you start :sweat_smile:
And yeah - the angle of the camera and vehicle scale make it look like a toy.

Did you try geo-nodes for the grass?

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Yes, actually I just noticed it. I am having a bit of a problem with dimensions and camera angles. I will work on it, thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I noticed that it is intimidating after trying to use Blender for real.
You are completely right, I am having problems with dimensions and camera use :frowning: . But I will work on these problems to be better, thanks for the feedback!
I used the addons botaniq and grasswald for the ground by the way.

Using real photos might help. I’ve found myself struggling with camera positioning too sometimes, but good reference always helps)

Oh yes, they allow for much more real results.