Very fist Eeve render, any feedback is greatly appreciated

Hi, Just did my very first render of the “Apples” scene from cgboost beginner course in Eeve, If anyone has any thoughts on it i’d love to hear any feedback, Personally im not 100% happy with the shadows especially on the plate, but as its a W.I.P i’m hoping to improve on it.
I may add a few more details for the final render, maybe a glass, but this might make the image a little too cluttered. So just looking for honest feedback from more able artists :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again for taking the time to look.


Great work! Much much better than my first render! I would say the plate itself with apples looks pretty convincing - but the shape of the apples and the cloth is a little too round in my opinion. I think this may be rendered more convincingly in cycles

Thanks so much for taking the time to give feed back on the render, I must say you’re not the only person to mention the “Ball” look of the apples, and after taking another look i totally agree so i’m retweaking those and have altered the overall composition of the scene a little although only subtly, I’ve done a render in Cycles and have to admit that the shadow quality is far better. Next for the cloth and maybe one more item to add then i think i’ll do a final render and post my results.

Thanks once again for the feedback !

PS - has free models of fruit that are REALLLY good and free to use for any purpose so I would suggest trying those out as well… GL!

Thanks for the info, if nothing else i’ll have a look at them to help out with improving my moddeling. I could do with decent reference images so this will help a lot, Now time to get Pureref i think.

Thanks for mentioning this site. Was not aware of it. Very nice stuff!

Modeling practice is good… saving time to achieve the same end result is also a good lesson to learn. Don’t feel like you need to necessarily do everything yourself (I’ve made this mistake for about 98% the duration of my 3d hobby)

Enjoy it my friend! I only found out about it a couple days ago from a post on this site

Oh and PS - Quixel Bridge is also a huge repository of models/textures etc that you can use but I don’t believe it is Creative Commons so may not be able to use it commercially…

I will give it a try. I am but a simple hobbyist, so… at the moment, that is not a concern. If someone wants to hire me, I will straighten it out as necessary. :wink:

(PS - for the first time in my life, I just spelled “necessary” without having to look it up!)

I think it looks very good! That’s a good tutorial.
What is your lighting? HDRI? Or lights? Or both? Maybe rotate the light source so that it’s lit more from the front.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback, and yes i think i’ll probably get a follow on course after this as they are very thorough and helpful.
As to the composition i just have the three point lighting for now (TBH I hadn’t even thought about importing a HDRI, So nice suggestion thanks!) Currently i’m in the process of adding one more item to the render but i’ll keep tweaking the lighting too.
Hoping to post maybe one more WIP over the weekend before i consider this “Finished” (Fingers crossed)
Thanks again for taking the time to look over my render and comment, TBH i felt kind of akward posting this up. I was expecting either no comments or “Blender by numbers, show your own work” So for the comments to be kindly critical and helpful have boosted my confidence already.

I think HDRI lighting would improve it. See if you can find one of an interior. Do you have a texture map for the specular and bump on the apples? Maybe some subsurface scattering on the interior of the apple. It looks a little dull. Again, I think the HDRI would help with that too. It always seems to make things look so much more realistic.

That looks great!! I just recently did this tutorial too!
Have you adjusted the look to “medium high contrast” in the post settings? I think more contrast could help!
A couple of little details I would change: slightly move the blade of the knife so it sticks out of the wooden handle all the way at the top
The stack of plates looks a little bit flat, I feel irl they would have a bit more of a gap between them.
Nice work!!

The render is good. I just want to point out to pay attention to making sense of the objects in the scene. What I see is the stack of plates and then cut apple on top. Now I think that normally a stack of plates is stored prior to use, so a single plate would be more fitting.

Thanks, I think i’ll try and work on these either Sunday or during the week, might try out Materalize for generating extra maps for now.


Good point, i was thinking about how the we have plates on the table when having a family get together, But now you mention it, it’s only apples so totally agree with you on this.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback, After reading Boder’s comment i think i’ll be removing the other plates but i agree the gap could be a little bigger, As for the knife i might adjust that a little, i was just thinking of having it a little less than 100% in line to show that even when mass produced, items are never all perfect, but good point.
I’ll be sure to check out my post setting now you mention it too thanks :slight_smile:
P.S Have you posted your results of the tutorial up anywhere too? would be nice to see other takes on the composition?

Thanks for your thoughts, i’ll be sure to give them a test out in the editor, Cheers!

Here’s an update on the render for anyone interested.

Edit to overall shape of apples
Removed 2 plates (Thanks to Boder for pointing this out)
Slight alteration to knife blade length and handle intersection (Thanks to Mae)
Addition of pint of Apple juice / Cider (Dependant on when/if i get round to adding bubbles) Also need to improve glass and add condensation to glass.
Cycles render attached

Still to do:
HDRI/Lighting improvements/tweaks
Improvements to textures (Maybe)

Thanks again to all who have made suggestions, they really do help me (Even if i might not implement them all in this render) I’ll certainly add at least one more update before calling this finished though. Cheers!

One thing that stands out to me is the flatness of the cut apple inside. I just reviewed the tutorial and I see that this is kind of skipped over. It really needs at least a bump map if not actual modeling, as well as a roughness map. It doesn’t look like it has any.

Also, it could benefit from a shallower depth of field. That always helps sell it for me, as CGI renders tend to look too perfect.

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