Very high font bavel

Hi everyone,
I want to create this text effect from the movie “the Hobbit” you can see in my image below. My main modelling problem is the beveling. All vertices on the front seem to “merge” in one line of vertices in the middle. Thats basicly a high amount of bevel using a resolution of 1.
First I thought it would work if I convert my text into a mesh, extrude it and scale it with alt+s down, but this does not work. Same goes for the beveling in the font options and the bevel modifier. Another problem is that the font hasn´t the same thickness within a letter. (For example the “o”)
Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

PS: I have the rights on this image, because I created it by myself in Photoshop. Feel free to use it :slight_smile:



I suggest you just model this by hand. I’m not sure if it’s possible to achieve that effect using a Text object. I don’t think you’ll be able to get those bevels.

Here’s what I was able to do from your reference image. It’s wasn’t that hard. Took me less than 5 min.

I first tried to add a text and then tried to change the offset value to see if I could achieve this effect but it didn’t work.
So then I just added a plane and hand modeled it. So, just do it manually. It’s not very hard.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck.