Very high GPU Latency. Help!

I wanna make game but GPU Latency is about 90% and make game very slow. High GPU Latency is high only when I turn on Lights in Shading panel even If I have no lights added to my scene. Why this is happening? I need to use Lights otherwise graphics in game looks terribly. I use Blender in latest version downloaded from I have Windows 10 and it can not be my computer fault because 4 months ago this problem didn’t existed. This problem is even If I move camera to blank space.

Your frame rate is fixed to 60fps per default settings.

its called vsync. the engine has to wait until the gpu gives the go before it can pass another frame. this takes time.

next to the framerate theres a number in ms, thats how long its taking each frame to happen. each of those bars is the percentage of how much each category is contributing to the total time.

unchecking use framerate and disabling vsync should fix it. but this is not recommended.

Somehow for me with V-Sync on it’s 98% on overhead, but with it off, it’s 60% on outside and 35% on services. Never anything profiled on GPU latency except for actual GPU load.

I turned off V-sync and turned off Use Frame Rate, but the problem is still exist. I noticed GPU Latency increases too when I get close to some textured object.

You should possibly share some screen shots…and your setup(gpu OS CPU etc).otherwise I cannot tell anything that is going on…also try removing that texture and see if you still have the same issue…I never really had an issue with a texture before, but anything and everything is possible.

what im trying to say is, theres nothing wrong. unless you have framerate issues, ignore it.

^What he said.

Ahhh…I misunderstood what he meant…I read into it as being low FPS…not gpu latency