(garbager) #1

Here’s a lot of new screenshots for the audience.

Please note that some of them aren’t final shots.

(Enzoblue) #2

Ooo, nice stuff. Heads of the soldier(?) guys are a bit too busy imo, (realtive to their simple body’s). Other than that it’s awesome.

(garbager) #3

that is right, and there’s a big reason for that, but it’ll be revealed in the second part, which it’ll take MUCH LONGER to make :slight_smile:

The reason is that they may not be what they seem… :wink:

(ec2) #4

Once again, absolutley stunning work. I can’t wait to see the final movie.

(S68) #5


Very nice, all of it.

Droids in images 5 and 8 have smooth body but faceted heads…
looks strange, but it’s your style


(kaktuswasse) #6

great work!!!
I wanna see mooooorrreeee…

cya henrik

(sten) #7


stunning CG Blender work !

is those images also Post Processed with filmgrain :wink: ?

COol, cant wait to see the final result !!

(Caronte) #8

A.W.E.S.O.M.E :o

(garbager) #9

All pictures are post processed with three treatments :
Glow effect
Color balance

Each one of the 3 treatments is a combination of several filters (several balances, several noise depths…)

None of the post process is done using Blender or sequence plugins

(MadMesh) #10

Looks realy great!
I like the photographic DOF an blur FX, can’t wait to see the finished animation.

(seval) #11

Very nice. Had to ask a question though. How high poly are some of the scenes ? Looks nice.

(garbager) #12

That’s an excellent question…
A LOT !!
It can reach more than 700 000 polygons.
Due to tight deadline, I also know I made mistakes, I didn’t had time to plan carefully all the possible composite shots, which would had save me rendering time and pain in scene manipulations, or to chop the models so they goes down in polys count.
Sometimes scenes uses around 300 mega RAM, which is, for Blender, a lot too :)))
Several crashes occured but fortunately, the recovery file trick is working fine most of the time.

(for whom who don’t know it : if Blender crashes, you still have a chance to have you file back at almost the same point it was before leaving, most of the time.
This trick is for windows.
Go to C:\my documents[name of your administrator\local settings emp.
Most of the last blender files you opened recently are still there.

IMPORTANT : you have to make invisible files visibles. In order to do that, in the explorer main menu choose Tools/files options, then in Dispaly options check the ‘Display hidden files and folders’.)

I hope I was clear enough as I’m French.

Yes I know, Windows user, French, you must think ‘this guy has a LOT of flaws’ :)))

(Andy Goralczyk) #13

wooooow! soo detailed!!
[sorry, cant say more…]


(funkychild) #14

Do you know about rendering with Xparts and Yparts? That can help conserve RAM a lot and prevent crashes.

The shots are looking great, by the way!

(garbager) #15

yes, Xpart and Y part, work the same way buffers works on shag fur (3DSMAX), and I use it, even with that… :slight_smile:
Thanks for your nice comments anyway. YOu can’t imagine how important it is to recieve good fedback right now, as I’m in rush :slight_smile: