Very important: Crowd dynamics

Hi guys, I’m working on a WW1 movie and its going to be a ton of animating if I can’t find some kind of crowd dynamics. Anyone know an easy way to set up and move 120+ soldiers, that will be about 1-2 miles from the camera?

Ok I probably shouldn’t have put the very in the title. Problem is, I can’t find anything on youtube about blender crowd dynamics and I’m thinking a particle simulation on the plane with some animated objects. I need to find a solution quickly or give up on my deadline, which seems very likely since I’m having trouble with texturing too. -_-

Thanks a lot, its pretty much what I needed. Lots of stuff to figure out, and I need to incorporate animations too if possible. good thing I didn’t just do each soldier by hand lol.

btw, if anyone else has anything to add in terms of animations, alternatives to boids, or tutorials or tips for boids, it would be equally appreciated.

Thanks for the above info, also looking forward to checking out this blenderpeople crowd animation thing.